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We are just starting our adventure and have a wish list that will help us fulfill our dream of keeping Andy’s memory alive in a positive way that will help others in our community.

We now sale products and profits from all sales go to support our foundation. Please visit the link for gifts for your family or friends.


Wish List for A.N.D.Y. Card

Projector for school and other presentations – We now have a projector, P.A. system and screen so we can present the A.N.D.Y. card virtually anywhere.

Covers for the A.N.D.Y. cards (to protect them from wear and tear when placed in wallet). We have found covers for the cards from Domino Plastics in Bakersfield, Ca. Donations to the foundation have made it possible to now include the cover with the card.

Any donations to help pay for the cards that we hope to have in every high school child’s wallet

Word of mouth: We would like to make presentations at schools, churches and any community events