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Andy Hovis Community Skatepark Renovation

With the help of Kodiak Construction and Square "D" Fab, 2 new pieces of equipment have been constructed in the skatepark. The box was removed andf replaced with a concrete box as well as the manual pads are back but this time constructed from concrete. This is a great aaddition to getting some of the equipment replaced that needed to be removed.






We need your help!


There is an overwhelming need that we hope to meet.


The Trauma Unit needs at least 80 blankets a month.  The summer months are the busiest time for the Trauma unit.  Blankets for male patients are needed most at this time.



You can make quilts, no-sew fleece blankets, knit or crocheted blankets.



Have a BLANKET PARTY!!!!!    

Girl scouts youth groups, Service clubs, Professional Organizations, Church groups and sewing circles.  We will be glad to come and help.


Andy Hovis Community Skatepark


The dedication ceremony was unforgettable and we would like to thank all of you who came and supported us at the event. I would like to thank the sponsors and all those who helped with the event.

Daimler Trucks N.A.

Bern Unlimited (Skateboarding Helmets)

Deluxe Distribution (Real Skatebards)

Choice Bottling in Shelby Sundrop

Pepsi Bottling Company of Cherryville


Tas Drug of Cherryville

Sole Technology Etnies

Dr. Paul Cloninger

Sheckler Foundation

Caromont Trauma Center

Tony Hawk Foundation

City of Cherryville

Rhino Ramps


We had a terrific skateboard contest and some really nice boards for each winner of their age group. We had a “Best of Trick” contest and the winner was awarded a set of pads. Every skater at the park on that day was given a “Bern” helmet to promote safe skating. There were 42 skateboard related deaths in 2010 and we want to make sure each and every skater skating Andy Hovis Community Skatepark will be skating safely. Please remember Safety first!


Skatepark Dedication


Mark and Donna Hovis at the Skatepark Dedication


DTNA Gastonia Plant Manager Andy Lukacs


Mayor Bob Austell (Center), Councilman Rick Cambell (Left), Councilman Ron Hovis (right)


Cherryville City Councilman Ron Hovis


 On November 11, 2010 at 8:30 am our youngest son Andy Hovis was on his way to Gaston College.  A man driving intoxicated on drugs hit Andy head-on.  It took them 45 minutes to cut Andy out of the car and then he was flown to a trauma hospital.  During this time the State Trooper ran Andy’s tag number and came to our house.  We were all at work.  The second time that the State Trooper came to our house he was able to get my husbands cell phone number from a neighbor.  By this time it was after 1:00 and we did not know that Andy had been in a wreck.  We arrived at the hospital after 2:00 p.m.  Andy had been to surgery and was on a vent.  Our son never regained consciousness.  I never got to see his eyes or hear his voice again.   When Andy’s sister arrived at the hospital she had brought his favorite blanket.  We covered Andy with the blanket.   On November 12, 2010 31 hours after the wreck our baby boy was pronounced brain dead and was removed from the vent.  Our son was gone.  After the funeral was over I started thinking that I could not let Andy’s death be in vain.  I wanted to do something to help other families not go through what we went through.  The one thing I will never forgive myself for is not being with my son when he needed me the most.  The wreck was at 8:30 he was in the car until almost 9:30 am then he was taken to Dallas Park and flown to a trauma hospital where he underwent surgery.  We were not made aware of the wreck until after  1:00 pm and did not arrive at the hospital until after 2:00 pm.  This was over 5 hours that our son was going through the worst thing in his life and we were not there for him.  After talking with State Troopers and other emergency workers we learned that this is not uncommon.  Cell phones get lost during wrecks and tag numbers and registrations send them  to the home.  So I decided that I wanted to help other parents and family members not lose this precious time with their loved ones when there has been a wreck or other tragedy.  I came up with the A.N.D.Y. Card.  This is a bright yellow  card that has a place for 8 emergency numbers.  It is easy for the emergency workers to find.  It is really “old school”.  My husband tells people that he hopes everyone has a card and no one ever has to use it.  We have given out 30,000 cards.  People have used the cards.  Here is a small list of reasons the cards have been used: wrecks, diabetic coma, lost book bag containing child’s medication, lost wallet.  The card is great for book bags, diaper bags, pocket books and wallets.  We have done presentations at churches, schools, youth groups, chamber of commerce meetings, rescue squads and fire departments.  We would love to do a presentation for you and your group!


We have been doing the A.N.D.Y. Card for 1 year and 11 months.   For the past few months I felt like I needed to do more.  I wanted to do something for families that are experience the horrible experience of “trauma”.  My Andy was 20 when the wreck happened.  He was not on a pediatric trauma unit he was on a regular adult trauma unit.  When I looked at that bed I saw my baby boy.  He was not a man he was my son, my little boy.  As I mentioned earlier my daughter, Andy’s sister brought his favorite blanket when she came to the hospital.  This blanket was the last thing that I had that touched his body.  When I left the hospital on November 12 I had a patients belonging bag that contained a pair of bloody shorts that were cut apart and a pair of tennis shoes.  I also had the blanket that my daughter had brought.  It smelled like Andy.  After I got home I held the blanket.  Every night from November 12, 2010 until November 1, 2011 I slept with this blanket.  I held it close at night and cried silent tears.  This blanket became very special to me.   When there is a wreck or trauma situation you drop everything and go.  You don’t think about brining anything you just want to get to your loved one.  This brings me to a new venture! 


I have heard about hats for cancer patients, pillow cases for children with cancer, beany babies for NICU babies, pillows for heart patients.  So I thought about Andy’s blanket and how much it means to me.  I want to give this small token to other families in my situation.  I want them to have a blanket to cover their child, husband, wife or friend with.  I want them to have this to bring them just a little comfort and sense of security during a difficult and scary time.  We will need to provide close to 100 blankets a month.  It is so sad to think that there is this many families going through one of the toughest times of their lives.   We need YOUR help to make this a reality.   This new venture will be called “Andy’s Caring Covers”.  We are in great need of the following:


*Drop off locations. : This will be great advertising for your business and you will be doing a great thing for your community at the same time.  I will pick up from the drop off locations.


*Supplies are needed: #Fleece for blankets, X-Large Baggies.  Blankets have to be new and they have to be individually bagged.  I will have the blankets washed and then will bag them before they are delivered to hospitals.


  • People to make blankets:  We need Lots of people to make blankets.  They can be sewn, Crocheted, tied fleece blankets.  Whatever you would like to do.


  • Monetary donations will be used to buy fabric, baggies, yarn, blanket labels, printing, and washing blankets.



  • You can receive a tax credit for making “covers” or donating.  We are a charitable 501 c3.


  • Making a blanket would be a great project for scout troops, church groups and youth groups.


  • Keep up with what’s going on with A.N.D.Y. Card Foundation – Andy’s Caring Covers.  Sign up for our newsletter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or send address to


      A.N.D.Y. Card Foundation 317 Bud Black rd. Crouse NC 28033



If you would like more information about A.N.D.Y. Card Foundation or Andy’s Caring Covers please feel free to call : 704-830-8088 or 704-460-4604.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Check us out on Facebook “Andy Card Foundation”.


Crocheted wash clothes made by Anita Smarr. She is donating all proceeds to the A.N.D.Y. Card foundation. You can order yours by using the contact form. The cost is $5.00 per 3 wash clothes, remember these are hand made in the U.S.A.